The Queen of Hearts was pulled on Wednesday, May 15th (our 8th week) to complete our first round. The lucky winner chose card number 17 to reveal the queen. We are restarting our raffle with a brand new board next week. You can view the progress of our second round on our home page.

Winners for the first round were: 

Week 1: Card number 1 revealed the 8 of Hearts and paid out $150

Week 2: Card number 7 revealed the 4 of Spades and paid out $50

Week 3: Card number 45 revealed the 4 of Clubs and paid out $150

Week 4: Card Number 28 revealed the 3 of Clubs and paid out $150

Week 5: Card Number 9 revealed the 3 of Diamonds and paid out $150

Week 6: Card Number 6 revealed the 3 of Spades and paid out $150

Week 7: Card Number 20 revealed the Jack of Spades and paid out $150

Week 8: Card Number 17 revealed the Queen of Hearts and paid $5,000!

Drawings were held every Wednesday at Iron Horse Ale House. They have food and drink specials, so come on by with the family for dinner when you get your tickets!

Tickets also sold at Jet's Public HouseTommy's on Higgins, and IC's Church and Rectory.

View the OFFICIAL RULES here.